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Micro-investors do not have too much of a choice when high-returns, safe investments are concerned. By why should that be? We searched the globe for an answer and stumbled on livestock as bankable assets..
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When we scrutinised our business model, we realised an upside: By connecting smallholder farms to consumers and investors directly, we made smallholder farms viable again.
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Let’s face it: An adult goat is always going to be more valuable economically than a new born kid. That’s why we say “Goat is the new Gold”. It’s a whole new world in here..
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i i'm Feroz. Large-scale livestock operations (also known as industrial or factory farming) provide most of the meat and meat products consumed around the world. However, the harmful environmental effects of livestock production are becoming increasingly serious at all levels--local, regional, national and global. Do you know Extensive livestock production plays a critical role in land degradation, climate change, water and biodiversity loss? Small farms are forced to close as they cannot compete in cost. Consumers have no choice but to buy from retailers that buy from Mega Farms. We created livestockrewards.org. A marketplace that allows users purchase livestock from small farmers direct, not just for consumption but to also support them. For the first time since the industrial farming revolution, the consumer has a choice. Also, for the first time, a user can buy and keep a livestock as an investment and later sell it off for a profit. Consumers can go online and choose amongst hundreds of small, certified farms all over the world to purchase from. Farmers will not only get to sell locally, but globally. This increases the chance of selling their livestock without having to compete. For every Farm crowdfunded and started up, for every sale of a livestock, livestockrewards.org will take a 4.5% cut.



Livestockrewards.org is a marketplace that allows users to purchase livestocks from small farmers direct for an investment or charity. A user can buy and keep a livestock and later sell it off for a profit.