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livestockrewards.org - buy,care and sell livestock

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Livestockrewards.org is a marketplace that allows users to purchase livestocks from small farmers direct for an investment or charity. A user can buy and keep a livestock and later sell it off for a profit

How do I buy a livestock?

Go to our website, mobile app, purchase Online by PayPal or Bank Transfer

What is my livestock dies?

Your monthly insurance contribution helps to insure your livestock against illness, disease, theft and natural disasters. If your livestock dies we will replace it at no charge to you

How do I perform Qurban or other rituals?

Go to our website, and choose an agent to contact or you can call us directly

How do i sell my livestock?

You can sell at any time by listing your livestock for sale at a recommended price to another investor.

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We are in the process of setting up a forum. Will let you know once it is ready

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